How To Market Yourself: Teachers’ Edition

If you are currently out of a concrete job or if you’re just looking to earn an extra buck or two and if you happen to be someone who can teach the French language to children and adults alike, you can find employment with the ease of access that school teachers wish they had. The key is to make sure that people know that you exist and that you are reachable in some way. Read on to find out how you can make bank stress free and with minimum effort.

Teach Your Peers

The best way to start off your venture is to reach out to someone that you know. If you have friends or colleagues or both that are interested in learning the language of France, ask them if they want you to conduct one on one classes, and ask them to spread the word of your availability to coach. Most private teachers get their students from word of mouth, so make sure you do a good job and make a good impression!

Teach Strangers

The amount of people looking for French tutors is astounding. If you want to, you can register with any online website that specializes in connecting students and teachers. Register at one of those websites (of course, they may have their own requirements for you to join) and you will be advertised within the website. Most often than not, you will be able to specify the geographical limits of your travel to teach or if you would like for students to visit you for classes. You may also indicate the types of learning methods you use to further your knowledge on to your pupils, and those that are interested can connect with you and plan accordingly.

Teach the World

If you are up for it, you can also sign yourself up with an agency to teach people all over the world via Skype or any other methods. Since internet-based learning is becoming highly popularized and credible, you will no doubt find yourself some good prospects. You will have to see if you fit the required criteria – professional qualifications and otherwise – that will enable to enrol yourself as an educator, but the option is a very practical one: you can conduct classes at home, payment will be deposited to your bank account directly and you will have ease of access to your students without having to physically travel.

Check Your Suitability

Now, all of this will be possible given that you are suitable – in the sense of the word, regarding the opinion of the general public and institutions alike – to teach French to students. If you do not have the usual qualifications, do not fear – there are institutes that offer French teacher training for people will varying degrees of qualification and skills. Having your supporting documents in check is always a good idea and cannot be regarded as a waste of resources.

All in all, since the general population loves learning languages, your knowledge and skill in one automatically makes you eligible for many job opportunities – just make sure you make the right decisions and reach out to the right people.