Hosting A Wedding On A Budget

If your partner has recently proposed to you, you must be very excited to be planning your wedding and yet, at closer inspection of the costs involved with weddings, there is no doubt that you will feel slightly stressed. Indeed the price of everything that has anything to do with weddings is very high because of the many traditions involved with weddings and because wedding stores are very much aware of the prices that people are willing to pay to have those exact traditions and rituals at their wedding. The truth however is that none of these traditions are necessary or needed in this day and age and most brides and grooms follow these rituals with no clear idea about the history of these traditions and the reasoning behind them. It is important for you to keep in mind that a wedding is just a party, it is your party and that most importantly, you are the host. You have the freedom to do anything you want at your wedding party.

Choose suppliers not associated with weddings one of the best ways to save money is to choose suppliers that are not wedding suppliers. For your music, look for amateurs looking for inexpensive DJ gigs. Have them give you a quote without mentioning that the quote is for a wedding party. You are likely to get the quality of service for a fraction of the cost.

If you do not have any contacts, you could do a quick search on Google about how to get DJ gigs at clubs by The DJ Disclosure that will lead you to many disk jockeys who are looking for positions.

Even with every other supplier from your hair dresser to your dress maker, choose someone that does not make things and offer services especially for weddings. You can choose to have a dress that is not a pure white ball gown in order to reduce your costs significantly. Most wedding dressmakers know that brides wear white and therefore, white dresses can be extremely expensive whereas getting a similar dress in any other colour will cost you a fraction of the cost. You should also consider doing much of your wedding décor by yourself. If you visit a few wedding stores, you will notice that most of the expensive décor that they offer is handmade and easy to do. The key is to start early so that you have a good head start. You could even choose to have the wedding at your home in order to cut costs further.